Zion Rock Climbing Guides

The Best Zion Rock Climbing Guides In Southern Utah

Leading rock climbing adventures is a true passion for us, we started our guiding careers focused on it. There are hundreds of rock walls and routes to ascend and we often spend our off-time exploring and developing new routes. Rock climbing in Zion and across Southern Utah can be pretty challenging, but that is what makes it so fun and exciting. 

We specialize in taking intermediate and advanced climbers to our favorite locations throughout the area for an excursion they are sure to love. So if you are up to the challenge and want local Zion rock climbing guides to show you the best routes around, join us on one of our adventures. 

Zion rock climbing guides

climb to new heights

Our Adventures

Half Day
Rock Climbing

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Full Day
Rock Climbing

great for experienced climbers

High Adventure Rock Climbing

for thrill seekers

How To Choose…

The Best Adventure
For You and Your Group

Our Zion Rock Climbing adventures are designed specifically for people who have climbing experience and want a guide to show them the best spots to climb in Southern Utah. It all really comes down to your experience level, the amount of time you have, and what type of climbing you wish to do. 

How Much Time Do You Have For An Adventure?

Time is an essential part of which trips will work best for you and your group. Full Day and High Adventures both require a minimum of 7 hours. Please be sure to let us know of any time constraints you may have. 

Experience Level

Both the Half and Full Day trips are great options for intermediate and advanced climbers. We have single pitch routes that experienced climbers will find challenging and exciting. High Adventure trips offer the opportunity to climb tall, multi pitch routes.


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