Canyoneering near Zion

What Is Canyoneering?

Great question! We get asked this all the time. Many people have never heard of the sport, canyoneering, let alone have done it. Canyoneering involves descending a canyon, which is a deep ravine between cliffs often carved from the landscape by a river, and can include both dry and water-filled canyons. Let us tell you, it is an incredibly fun adventure you will never forget! Utah Canyoneering simply put is a multi-sport adventure where you explore a canyon or slot canyon. 

It is how you navigate the canyon that makes canyoneering so fun and exciting. We use many techniques to make our way through the canyons: rappelling, zip-lining, sliding on rocks, hiking, squeezing through narrow passages, scrambling, wading thru water, and even swimming in some cases. Most of the slot canyons we explore are located just outside of Zion National Park, and we have access to canyons that suit all ages, fitness levels, abilities, and desires for adventure. We believe canyoneering is a sport for everyone. All Ways Adventure is perfect for beginner canyoneering since the sport requires knowledge and skills in navigation and rope work.

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Our Adventures

Half Day Canyoneering

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Full Day Canyoneering

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High Adventure Canyoneering

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Why Southern Utah Is
Famous For Canyoneering

Southern Utah has seemingly endless natural beauty and incredible places to explore. Our home base, Kanab, is conveniently located within a short drive of Zion National ParkBryce Canyon National ParkCoral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, and the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell in Arizona. There are hundreds of slot canyons throughout our “Adventure Zone,” which present the ultimate playground for canyoneering excursions.  

Each canyon is unique and beautiful in its own right. Some are more adventurous than others, some take a half day to explore, and some are longer and require a full day or more. The majority of our trips take place part way between Springdale and Kanab on Zion’s East Side. We may be biased, but we truly believe we are in the canyoneering mecca. Whether you’re interested in beginner canyoneering or you’re a veteran, join us and we think you’ll agree. 


Techniques and Gear


A controlled descent down a rope. This technique is used to get from the top of the canyon to the lower regions. Rappels can range from 20 feet to over 200 feet.

Tyrolean Traverse

Is a technique similar to a zip line used to get across a section of the canyon using a pulley device on a rope that is suspended from one point to another.


We use only top of the line ropes and always use a redundant system for safety. Ropes allow us to rappel and zip-line our way down the canyon.

Hiking and More

Exploring canyons often requires multiple techniques and hiking is always involved. Other techniques include: sliding on rocks, squeezing thru narrow passageways, and in some cases even swimming.

Rappelling Devices

Descenders allow you to safely control your descent when rappelling. We use one called The Critr, it is extremely functional and people love its fun design.

Harness and Helmet

Gearing up for a good and safe experience starts with our helmets and harnesses. We use only the best equipment and offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate all of our guests.

Gear Up!

Photos From Our Utah Canyoneering Adventures

The Best Way To Explore The Slot Canyons Near Zion